Tradeparency Isn’t Just a Product – It’s a Partnership

Partner with a group of pricing and wine industry experts and enthusiasts genuinely invested in your success.

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About Tradeparency from Business Impact

We love to see pricing victories unfold, and we thrive on helping you write that story.

We aren’t a team of technology generalists. We are a team of beverage alcohol-focused, technology experts and data artisans who know and understand the needs and demands of beverage alcohol suppliers and importers firsthand.

We took the challenges we faced trying to get visibility on spend and pricing across all promotions, distributors, and markets and built a tool that actually worked to solve them. Tradeparency is ready to help your business catch tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue from inaccurate invoicing on expired and false billbacks because we aren’t an ambitious promise for someday – we’re an ambitious product for right now.

Tradeparency was built by the data masters at Business Impact, where we provide business intelligence to numerous suppliers and importers, creating customized solutions and reporting services tailored to each individual business needs. This includes support for sales, inventory, open orders, purchasing, general ledger, and more. To learn more about integrated reporting, dashboards, analytics, and mobile data access, visit

Beverage Alcohol Industry Experts

When it comes to pricing, your brand is at stake. You need the most productivity from your finance and sales staff. We didn’t build a generic trade spend tool; we created a complete trade spend solution for your three-tier beverage alcohol business. We know your industry, we understand your data, and we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Service Enthusiasts

Becoming a partner in your business success means an undying commitment to personalized, expert service. And we don’t stop after implementation. We are here for the life of your pricing, promotions, and analytics endeavor –forever. We listen to your needs and provide a tailored experience and solution to fit your users and your business, then continue to support you with reliable, responsive, and individualized service.

Data Artisans

Bringing your data to life is what we do. Reporting, analytics, dashboards, financials, visualizations, market trends – it’s where we live. Tradeparency is the brainchild of data fanatics, started by beverage alcohol technology experts who realized no one could answer a seemingly simple question, ‘how much am I spending on our BTG programs?‘ We quickly came to realize, this wasn’t the only gap in pricing, promotions, and trade spend insight suppliers and importers were struggling to find, even with other third-party tools. So, we created a total solution to help you fix it.


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