100% Price Visibility and Accuracy Across All Your Markets, Promotions, and Incentives

The only trade spend management platform to deliver complete market coverage across the entire cycle of your pricing, claims, analysis, approvals, and planning.

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Why Tradeparency – Complete Trade Program Clarity with Superior Coverage

Relying on third-party depletion data alone can only get you 70% of the pricing visibility you need– and that other 30% is money on the vine. You need insight into the entire range of promotions such as by-the-glass spend, DA’s, free goods, incentives, and samples. Tradeparency delivers complete coverage on distributors and markets to provide the most comprehensive view of your trade program performance. Quickly see the data and performance of every dollar in your trade programs to cork your margin leaks, streamline your processes, and become the top choice of distributors.

The Full-Cycle of Margin Management

Pricing itself is only a portion of the trade spend and promotions management cycle. Tradeparency covers the gap with claims processing, core financial system integration, full market analysis, promotional model planning, and automated pricing approvals so you can:

  • Seamlessly bring your finance, sales, and IT teams together to drive price cohesion and processing across the organization.
  • Accurately track every dollar as you gain insight into the whole promotional picture.
  • Compose and configure profitable promotional models at any level.
  • Better serve your customers by automating pricing approvals from any device to eliminate long allowance authorizations and processes.

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The Tradeparency Advantage

Ensure you’re getting the quickest, most accurate results with a full promotional and spend management platform.

  • Plug the margin leaks immediately and gain rapid ROI with full claims processing ready to use today.
  • 100% visibility and control on ALL spend and return, including by-the-glass (BTG), incentives, free goods, and samples.
  • Elevate your customer service and your brand value with transparent, readily available chain pricing and mobile sales enablement.
  • Maximize your margin in all markets and cover the 30% gap of depletion-dependent reliance.
  • Drive better results and continually improve performance through automated analytics and flexible reporting.
  • Remove duplicate efforts and inefficiencies with ERP/finance integration and automated price grid collection that streamlines validation and compliance across systems.
  • Realize the most profit by using TRUE data from invoice processing, versus ASSUMED data that is never reconciled with reality.
  • Highest level of user adoption with a proven training and implementation methodology from a company that focuses on wineries.
  • Personalized, responsive service and support with a company that exclusively concentrates on winery pricing management, analytics, and process optimization.
  • Join the good company of successful, growing wineries and happy customers that rely on Tradeparency to maximize profits every day.

Start today with a rapid go-live and immediate pay-back that begins to deliver results and higher profits right away.


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