Streamlined Price Management and Depletion Allowance for All Sides of Your Business

Seamlessly and simultaneously control and manage all of your pricing, trade spend, and promotions across multiple brands, distributors, and suppliers.

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Transforming Trade Spend and Accounting for Wine Importers

The import business is unique. You’re stuck in the middle processing billbacks from distributors while working to generate commissions to your suppliers. Reconciling from both sides is time-consuming, inefficient, and often error-prone due to disparate systems, spreadsheets, and deal tracking. Most tools to solve this are limited, relying on data from the distributor, if it’s even available. The process costs you in time, lost profits, and slow customer service.

With complete market coverage on the entire range of promotions, Tradeparency is built for importers to quickly, accurately, and seamlessly address price and promotion management for both sides of your business, today.


One Solution – Both Sides of the Importing Coin

Immediately eliminate the costly and errant management of negotiated pricing across all of your distributors, suppliers, and brands through centralized and accurate tracking of every dollar. Not only does Tradeparency automate billbacks and commissions based on real data, but it also allows you to manage multiple FOBs, brands, and suppliers in a single, integrated platform.

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Pricing You Profitable

With all the moving parts and facets in wine imports, it’s imperative to keep a thumb on real financial results. Tradeparency is the only solution built for importers to deliver unparalleled insight into every pricing aspect of your business, including BTG spend and profitability, incentives, free goods, and samples. Finally, a way to easily optimize all your promotional programs for unmatched control on your bottom line.


How Much Am I Spending on My Wine By-The-Glass (BTG) Program?

Get a better understanding of the obstacles around BTG analysis and learn how to overcome them so you can run profitable, effective, and seamless glass promotions.