Capture 100% of Your Spend, Across Your Entire Distributor Network

Seamlessly manage and gain visibility into all of your pricing, trade spend, and promotions so you can make decisions and drive activities that improve your bottom line.

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It’s Finally Possible for Three-Tier Wineries to Manage All Selling Expenses

In the highly competitive three-tier beverage alcohol sector, price is the holy grail of your brand and bottom line. But DAs and expenses to distributors directly cut into your profits, and tracking those expenses is next to impossible. Distributors can be eating into your margins, while you have no visibility into what they charge for. Sales reps are rightfully too busy selling to spend time tracking down expenses, which leaves them unable to craft business around your brand standards and missing out on market reach. This doesn’t have to be the cost of doing business.

With complete coverage on absolutely all of your trade spend and the entire range of promotions, Tradeparency is built for three-tier beverage alcohol suppliers to close the gaps in price and promotion management. Save thousands in lost profits and never pay out unwarranted funds by removing inefficient, disparate, manual pricing reconciliations and processes today.


Trade Visibility with the Highest Coverage

Depending on third-party depletion data, if it’s available, covers at most 70% of your market and relies on assumptions. You don’t need to know what your selling expenses should be; you need to know what they truly are. Where manual processes or stop-gap solutions only show you a slice of the total picture, Tradeparency gives you 100% actual spend data, down to every case billed across your whole distributor network. See all your selling expenses, such as by-the-glass (BTG) programs, samples, incentives, and commissions.

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Transform Price Management

Eliminate manual Excel tracking and impossible to reconcile distributor agreements across various markets, salespeople, and products. Free finance from hunting for information, enable sales to serve your customers without waiting for lengthy pricing approvals or accounting exercises, and remove the IT bottlenecks that slow down your ability to get the data everyone needs. Tradeparency allows the unmatched ability for you to bring your teams together to truly achieve clarity, accessibility, control, visibility, and validation in all areas of promotion, pricing, and spend management.


How Much Am I Spending on My Wine By-The-Glass (BTG) Program?

Get a better understanding of the obstacles around BTG analysis and learn how to overcome them so you can run profitable, effective, and seamless glass promotions.