Centralize and Automate the Full-Cycle of Trade Promotion Management

Complete depletion allowance and trade spend management built for three-tier distribution to deliver unmatched control and visibility over your bottom line. It's not just transparent trade spending; it's complete Tradeparency.

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Price Management

With Tradeparency, you can validate that deals invoiced are real and rebates are accurate, check the effectiveness of your programs in real-time to adjust when needed, and set rules on distributor contracts and transactions. Enjoy:

  • Clarity: Ensure consistent and accurate pricing throughout all sales regions and avoid surprise pricing on invoices.
  • Accessibility: Obtain pricing, spending, incentives, price per case, and net margin in a single click.
  • Visibility: Determine frontline and deal pricing by state, distributor, market, brand, and product.

Immediately eliminate costly, error-prone management of negotiated pricing through centralized data and accurate tracking of every dollar.


Depletion Allowance

Save thousands in lost profits and never pay out unwarranted funds by removing inefficient, manual pricing reconciliations and processes. Other pricing and promotion tools base their depletion allowances and chargeback invoice reconciliation off of tracking assumed information from third-party depletion numbers, not the actual agreement or data. That only gets you 70% of the way there – that other 30% is money on the vine. With Tradeparency, you get:

  • Validation: Verify that your price and promotions commitments agree with chargebacks and invoice adjustments.
  • Control: Confirm the deals-invoiced are real. Check the effectiveness of your programs in real-time and adjust when needed.
  • Coverage: 100% coverage on distributors, markets, and promotions, including all incentives and expenditures.

Tradeparency is the only solution that delivers complete and total control of all your promotions from TRUE data, not expected or presumed numbers that can’t be fully validated.

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Promotions Planning

Seamlessly bring your finance, sales, and IT teams together to drive price cohesion and processing across the organization. Tradeparency allows the unparalleled ability to:

  • Track all of your promotions, such as by-the-glass spend, depletion allowances (DA’s), free goods, incentives, and samples.
  • Plan profitable promotional models at any level from the most comprehensive view of your trade program performance.
  • Automate pricing approvals from any device, enabling sales to serve your customers better.

Free finance from the shackles of data gathering and hunting. Enable sales to service distributors without waiting for long allowance authorizations that require lengthy accounting exercises. Release IT of the bottleneck in facilitating unnecessarily complex reports, add-ins, and infrastructure to support these efforts.

Transform the price management, tracking, and planning experience inside and out with Tradeparency.


Reporting and Analytics

Quickly see the data and performance of every dollar in your trade programs, so you can cork your margin leaks and become the top choice of distributors. Tradeparency delivers all the insight you need on your trade program performance so you can adapt and optimize immediately to garner the fastest return. With intuitive, powerful dashboards and reports, you can instantly answer questions like:

  • How much am I spending on my by-the-glass (BTG) programs? Are they profitable?
  • How much am I spending on incentives, samples, or free goods?
  • What is my spend per case by discount brackets? By state? By distributor? By product?
  • Did I sell my product below cost?
  • Where is my spend YTD? By month?
  • What promotions are effective and profitable? What promotions need adjusting?

Any answer you need about your trade spend and promotional programs is at your fingertips.


ERP Integration

Tradeparency integrates with any ERP or core finance and business management application, bringing validation and compliance together in one place. By leveraging this familiar environment, users realize rapid adoption, streamlined processes, and quick success.

  • Remove all the manual data reconciliation, approvals, and invoice processing.
  • Eliminate the duplicate efforts of getting data from disparate spreadsheets or limited pricing tools into the financial application.
  • Immediately replace the reliance on disorganized and error-prone management of negotiated distributor pricing that ultimately cost you in lost profits.

Rely on an accurate, unified, total promotions solution to drive the results you need now and into the future.

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